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Analysis Of The Future Development Of Polystyrene Cutting Machine

Analysis of the future development of Polystyrene Cutting Machine
1, soft and hard combination
Conventional Polystyrene Cutting Machine manufacturers often do not offer software products when selling Polystyrene Cutting Machine products. Even the Polystyrene Cutting Machine, the CNC system software is also installed by the system supplier into the CNC system, not by the Polystyrene Cutting Machine manufacturer provide. As Polystyrene Cutting Machine is becoming more and more complex, Polystyrene Cutting Machine is expanding its function and increasing the number of shafts. To maximize the benefits of Polystyrene Cutting Machine, ensure that users have the highest process safety and high efficiency. To be processed, it must rely on software support. In 2010, the world's 28 major Polystyrene Cutting Machine bed production and regional output value reached 66.3 billion US dollars, compared with 2009, 54.7 billion US dollars increased by 21. In the recovery process of the bed industry in the world Polystyrene Cutting Machine, China plays a leading role. China has been the world's largest producer of Polystyrene Cutting Machine for the past few years. During the period from 2002 to 2005, the import of Polystyrene Cutting Machine bed in China Polystyrene Cutting Machine Bed consumption averaged 62. During 2006 to 2010, China's domestic Polystyrene Cutting machine bed enterprises and some foreign companies Polystyrene Cutting Machine bed enterprises to gradually expand the market share, 2010 imports of Polystyrene Cutting Machine bed consumption in the proportion of 33.
2, customization
The shift from mass production to mass customization is the general trend in manufacturing, and the Polystyrene Cutting Machine industry is no exception. When the user's technician, creating value for the user is not an empty talk, the user's product is different, the requirements of the Polystyrene Cutting Machine equipment is also different. For example, the goal of the Polystyrene Cutting Machine is that a complex workpiece is machined on a Polystyrene Cutting Machine with different processes and processing methods. The configuration of the composite Polystyrene Cutting Machine should be different. It is foreseeable that a considerable portion of the enterprise that focuses exclusively on the production and sale of traditional general Polystyrene Cutting Machine will be replaced by a comprehensive solution that will provide users with a modular, reconfigurable, and flexible solution. In order to strive for greater sales highlights, foreign companies will be the concept of service economy for the sale of Polystyrene Cutting Machine, the traditional Polystyrene Cutting Machine service maintenance services by different shocks, which has undergone great changes. The traditional Polystyrene Cutting Machine service has been expanded to help users create value, increase productivity, and maximize efficiency. Designing solutions for customers is the basic strategy for common development.
3, ecological Polystyrene Cutting Machine
Green manufacturing is a prerequisite for sustainable development. What is green ecological Polystyrene Cutting Machine? Green Ecology Polystyrene Cutting Machine's vision should have the following characteristics: Polystyrene Cutting Machine The main parts are made of recycled material. Polystyrene Cutting Machine Weight and volume reduction by more than 50 by reducing the quality of moving parts, reduce the air running power and other measures to reduce power consumption by 30 to 40. The use of various waste in the process to reduce the 50 to 60, to ensure that there is no pollution of the working environment. Scrap after Polystyrene Cutting Machine Material 100 Recycling. The new concept of the Polystyrene Cutting Machine is to reduce the weight of the Polystyrene Cutting Machine, save material and reduce the energy consumption of the Polystyrene Cutting Machine.
Polystyrene Cutting Machine must reflect the energy-saving emission reduction, the overall efficiency-based evaluation criteria. Over the years, precision, speed, power and other measures of the Polystyrene Cutting Machine capacity index is Polystyrene Cutting Machine products, the main pursuit of goals. At present, under the pressure of preventing environmental degradation, industrial production needs to reduce the negative impact on the environment in all directions. The development direction of Polystyrene Cutting Machine should also be changed from the improvement ability index to the improvement of the efficiency index, with less input to obtain more output. Polystyrene Cutting Machine The main way of greening is: the use of new structures and new materials to reduce the quality of moving parts, to achieve energy saving; dry cutting and MQL to achieve emission reduction, pay attention to the path of dust removal, heat removal quickly, Cutting and MQL caused by Polystyrene Cutting Machine hot deformation, affecting the processing accuracy.
4, smart Polystyrene Cutting Machine
Based on the Internet and computer technology is the Polystyrene Cutting Machine to further extend the human brain. Intelligent can improve the stability and reliability of Polystyrene Cutting Machine. Smart Polystyrene Cutting Machine can monitor their status by means of various sensors, analyze the Polystyrene Cutting Machine status, the process and the surrounding environment, and then take the measures to ensure the optimal processing. In other words, Polystyrene Cutting Machine has evolved to give information and to think and adjust on its own. For example, it can reduce the vibration of the active vibration suppression, can control the thermal distortion of the intelligent thermal barrier, to prevent the components of the collision of intelligent security barriers, voice prompts and SMS notification and in accordance with the processing requirements to help select the cutting parameters.