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  • Polystyrene Auto Batch Pre Expander Machine

    Contact NowPolystyrene Auto Batch Pre Expander MachineAUTO (EPS) POLYSTYRENE BATCH PRE-EXPANDER MACHINE: Main Features: 1.With the use of PLC Controller (Programmable Logic Controller) and Touch Screen, Automatic Negative Pressure feeder, Precision Electronic Weighing Scale and Feeding Level Switch, is to realize fully automatic production of EPS...Read More

  • Polystyrene Continuous Pre Expander Machine

    Contact NowPolystyrene Continuous Pre Expander Machine(EPS) POLYSTYRENE CONTINUOUS PRE-EXPANDER MACHINE: Main Features: 1.The barrel is made of stain less steel, and the middle layer is new one of heat insulation material. Reliable performance, higher productivity effect, low energy consumption; 2.The machine's feeder system includes the...Read More

  • Polystyrene Pre Expander Machine For Lost Foam Casting

    Contact NowPolystyrene Pre Expander Machine For Lost Foam Casting(EPS) Polystyrene (EPS) Pre-expander Machine Lost Foam Casting: Main Features: 1.The machine is a special equipment for the lost foam ‘white area casting’, it is able to expanding EPS,EPP,EPMMA, etc; 2.This machine applies PLC Controller (programmable Logic Controller) and Touch Screen; 3.Unique...Read More